Networking Technology

Networking Technology

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Welcome to Cisco DocWiki. We encourage registered Cisco. Users of COM contribute to This wiki to enhance Cisco product documentation. Note that you can’t log in to DocWiki with guest account credentials. See Terms of Use and About DocWiki for more info about Cisco DocWiki. Select the two Edit tab to edit an article or select the two Leave a Comment tab to post questions or comments about the article. This article provides guidance for understanding internetworking technology. Different components of internetwork and the two protocols used are described. LANs offer computer users many benefits, including shared access to devices and applications, file exchange between connected users, and communication between users via email along with other applications. 

Architecture of a network

The following articles provide info on different LAN technology! Wide area network Technologies – A Wide area network is a data communications network that covers a relatively wide geographic area and that frequently uses transmission facilities provided by common carriers, like phone companies. Wide area network technology usually functions at the lower 3 layers of the two OSI reference models: the two physical layers, the two data link layers, and the two network layers. 


The following articles provide info regarding the various protocols and technology utilized in Wide area network environments: Internet Protocols – The Internet protocols have been the world’s most popular open system protocol suite because they may be utilized to communicate between any set of interconnected networks and have been equally well suited for LAN and Wide area network communications. The Internet protocols consist of a suite of communication protocols, of which the two best known are the two Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol. The Internet protocol suite not only the lower layer protocols, however it also specifies common applications like email, terminal emulation, and file transfer. 


This article provides a broad introduction to specifications that comprise the two Internet protocols. Discussions include IP addressing and key upper layer protocols utilized in the Internet. Specific routing protocols are addressed separately later in this document. The following articles provide details about different IOS IP technology! Bridging and Switching – Bridges and switches have been data communication devices that operate primarily in Layer 2 of the two OSI reference model. As such, they’re widely referred to as data link layer devices. Several kinds of bridging have shown important as internetworking devices. Transparent bridging is found mainly In Ethernet environments, while source route bridging happens mainly in Token Ring environments. Translational bridging provides translation between the two formats and transit principles of different media types.