Human Resources Innovations

Human Resources Innovations

October 23, 2020 0 By BusinessHubPoland

According to that a 2009 article in Corp magazine, the HR division of Michigan business Orchard, Hiltz and McCliment reap the benefits of a free security improvement program given by the state of Michigan. By using the nation’s free consulting service, the business managed to redesign its safety policies and be eligible for a speed reduction on its employee’s compensation insurance. HR can create a reputation for innovative cost saving steps by exploring the access to free non-profit and government applications to reduce costs, improve efficiency or enhance safety. Ask the Workers – Employees often have opinions about business policies they consider ineffective or counterproductive, but that they may hesitate to discuss these remarks for fear of retaliation. 

Inefficiencies and how to manage them

When workers believe a policy is ineffective, but don’t tell anyone, the business is not likely to change the policy or realize the problem. HR can reverse this trend by inviting workers to submit ideas. For instance, a nursing home could provide a monthly reward for your best new idea to enhance patient care. A mill could reward the very best new idea for enhancing efficiency on the production line. By inviting and rewarding innovation, HR can develop into a valuable source of fresh ideas in most areas of the business. HR can also follow up with management to find out if the ideas have been implemented in a timely manner. 

You have to have a plan

Get Strategic – When a HR department focuses exclusively on its basic functions like payroll and benefits, it risks being perceived as that a strictly operational division with no strategic influence. The HR manager can use business strategy as a source to innovative fresh HR practices, aligning HR with your company’s strategic framework and increasing its influence inside the organization. For example, If the business is planning to lay off some workers, HR can reduce the possible impact on morals by providing a wide range of job search and placement services to your affected workers, including courses in resume writing and interview skills. 

At the top of the organisation

Whatever direction the company takes in the tactical level, HR can discover a way to contribute. Contribute to Work Life Balance – The HR division may also contribute to employee morale and productivity by providing a work life balance program. Employees who’re under excessive stress from issues outside of work are less happy and less effective than those who’ve established a healthier balance between the different facets of life. A work life balance program may include referral services to help workers deal with issues outside of work like child care and home repairs and a system for processing flexible scheduling requests in order that employees can deal with problems that might arise in their own lives without affecting their work adversely. By contributing to good morale and productivity, your HR division can improve the functionality of the entire company. Scott Thompson has been writing professionally since 1990, starting with the Pequawket Valley News. He’s the author of 9 published books on topics like history, martial arts, poetry and fantasy fiction.