Defense Technology

Defense Technology

October 23, 2020 0 By BusinessHubPoland

You’d like to be as ready as possible to use less lethal devices during workouts. But if you could restrict the cost and danger required to train in their use, why don’t you? That’s the concept behind Defense Technology’s Low Roll Training Simulator Starter Kit. It’s based on a totally pneumatic operation, therefore there’s no fire, heat, or spark demand, describes John Kapeles, category manager of The Safariland Group’s Defense Technology brand. An actual Defense Technology Distraction Device comprises an explosive charge setup by a pyrotechnic fuse. The end result is a loud sound, bright light, and important overpressure. 

Low Roll

Defense Technology’s Low Roll Simulator, however, uses compressed gas to create its sound. With no heating or overpressure, it’s a far safer best way to train when operators are introduced to the notion of Distraction Devices, says Kapeles. They could learn safe management practices and the best way to deploy them with no related threats of the real device.” . But besides a deficiency of risk, the Low Roll Training Simulator is a very believable replica in fit, form, and purpose. Another sensible feature is a pneumatic delay which triggers when thrown to imitate the delay part of the actual device. 

Training Simulators

Beyond realism, these training simulators can provide a substantial advantage with regards to stretching a law enforcement department’s funding for instruction. It is very cost efficient, says Kapeles. Students in a class can deploy this multiple times and get quite comfortable with the deployment and handling procedures at a small fraction of the cost of a single real device.”. Other cost savings are available in not needing to repair instruction facilities and having the ability to use free spaces which might not allow true flash bangs. Since there’s no hazardous material or pyrotechnic involved, there’s no risk of harm to the surfaces where you are Deploying it during notes Kapeles. 

Starter Kit

Defense Technology’s Starter Kit also makes instruction in various settings easier because agencies could rapidly fill and fill the simulators wherever the instruction is conducted. This is among the characteristics which makes the kit such a great instruction tool. You can recharge it, start to finish, in less than one minute, says Kapeles. To fill that simulator, you place the fuse handle on the fuse body and fasten it with a brand new pull ring. Then put the unit at the top of the compressed gas cylinder with the regulator insert the tip in place. Hold the simulator down for about five seconds until it is filled, and after that screw a brand new end cap onto the bottom of the simulator body. The starter kit comes in that a case which holds the reusable compressed gas cylinder, simulator bodies, fuse heads, fuse handles, and that a pressure regulator and fill tip to refill the bodies and the consumable components the pull rings and end caps used to create the own sound output of the device which can be reordered.