Customer counters provide real support for store staff and marketing departments.

Customer counters provide real support for store staff and marketing departments.

October 23, 2020 0 By BusinessHubPoland

By monitoring the number of visitors and sales, it is possible to study customer habits and draw conclusions from implemented marketing campaigns and promotions or investments made.

The study of these trends also allows for better management of purchase plans and stock.

There are two methods of such measurements: an infrared sensor mounted in the entrance or integrated in the anti-theft gate and a system based on a camera located above the entrance.

Infrared system

It is a solution that provides basic data to:

  • keep statistics on the flow of people in the trade network
  • Comparison of conversion rates in individual stores
  • control of employees in terms of compliance with procedures
  • installing the counter in a place other than the entrance allows you to keep statistics of interest in a particular zone or product

Camera-based technology

Camera-based technology is a solution that allows to collect very accurate data (efficiency reaches up to 96%) The camera is mounted directly above the surveyed zone, which allows to avoid accidental or intentional covering it up.

This system allows for :

  • counting only customers who cross the line in two directions
  • reacts to unusual customer behavior, e.g. standing on the line (thanks to this it does not falsify the obtained data and does not allow blocking the reader)
  • height differentiation – recognizes whether a person in the examined zone is an adult or a child
    -allows the collection of data from the whole zone even if there are several people in the zone at the same time
  • this solution can also be used to create heat maps
  • the software on which the system is based allows to set several levels of access to data

The choice of technology depends of course on the goal we want to achieve, how advanced and accurate the data we want to obtain.
With a large number of premises, such a system is an essential control tool and an invaluable source of information.